• collaboration & backup solution for design teams
  • standard SVN
  • safe and reliable version control
  • simple interface
  • integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign
  • visual feedback
Watch why designers benefit from using version control and why Timeline is so special
A more elegant way of exploring various ideas while being on the safe side
Repository browser to keep ALL your files organised (not only PS, AI, ID)

Repository browser is a part of the Timeline, it's a tool that helps you keep track of your repositories and working copies as well as perform SVN operations on folders and files that cannot be handled via the plug-in (non PS, AI, ID files).

a very cool Subversion-based version control system for Photoshop.
EVERY designer should get this and stop the dated folders and dated PSD files in the SVN please
  • Timeline is an Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/inDesign plug-in that works as a Subversion client
  • See previews and details of all previous versions without leaving an Adobe Suite application
  • Each time submitting a new version of a file Timeline uploads only the difference. Not the whole file again
  • Designers can share the same repository with developers - unify your file management
  • The client is available for Windows and for Mac
  • The client will work with Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS6 and Illustrator & inDesign CS5-CS6
  • Timeline works with any Subversion repository - a local repository on your machine, your company's network based repository or any Internet-based SVN server including the Pixelnovel account