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Just bought and set up Timeline from @Pixelnovel, it's amazing. This should come standard with Photoshop.
Timeline from PixelNovel aims to take the "geek" requirements out of using version control in Photoshop.

If you don't know what Subversion is, that's ok.

Make a change, commit it, jump to a different version ... all in a slick, minimal toolbar.
EVERY designer should get this and stop the dated folders and dated PSD files in the SVN please
Wow, an SVN plugin for Photoshop so graphic designers can get with the SCM picture. Very cool stuff from PixelNovel

Sebastian Anthony

Download Squad
a 'must have' tool for photographic enthusiasts or commercial design studios
a very cool Subversion-based version control system for Photoshop.

Randall Hand

Worry-free Revision Control for Photoshop with Timeline
combines the geek-centric revision control features of Subversion with the non-geekery of Photoshop, and presents it all as a fluid plugin that makes the entire process trivial.

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